Welcome to the home of Unit 549, covering San Diego's North County Inland. From this home page, you'll find links to our Clubs (where we play), results (how you did), upcoming Tournaments (what we're looking forward to), the Unit 549 newsletter (what's up with who and when), and the latest on your Unit 549 Board (what they're doing to help make your bridge experience better all the time) - and more. We welcome your visit here and to any of the area Clubs in Unit 549!


These next couple of months are going to be busy for our board. But before I get into that I'd like to say how impressed I am with the generosity of our bridge family. Jean Holt sponsored the fourth annual Lungevity charity game here in North County and raised a whopping $9,440 to fight lung cancer...and contributions continue to trickle in. That brings the four year total to over $30,000. Thank you Jean and all you generous bridge players.

Speaking of charity, we will be holding our annual holiday toy drive again this year. We are asking all those who play in our unit game on November 18th to bring an unwrapped toy to the game. All of the toys and the card fees collected at the unit game will be donated to Interfaith Community Services for their Adopt a Family program here in North County. If you can't be at the game or do your shopping early there will be a donation box where you can leave the unwrapped toy at the Escondido Club and the San Marcos game.

Our November unit game is also our annual meeting. The only formal business we have for this years meeting is to elect 3 members to the board. Liz Nixon will be leaving the board. After serving 12 years on the board Liz felt the only way to escape was to leave the country. My term and Ken Matson's term will be expiring on January 1. Therefore, we have 3 board seats to fill. The Nominating Committee currently has 3 candidates (Ken Matson, Barbara White, Art Foeste) to fill those positions. Nominations will remain open for additional candidates until November 18th.

And lastly, the November unit game is our annual unit "pot luck'. The unit buys the main dish and you get to fill in the details. So we will be counting on you to make this the best lunch of the year.



Just in case you are interested in becoming a board member the nomination process is still open. Please contact Dorothea Williams at dorotheaw@cox.net if you are interested in running for a Board position. And don't everyone respond all at once and crash her e-mail account.


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THE WINNERS (Mini McKenney and Ace of Clubs) 

Master Points                            Mini-McKenney                          Ace of Clubs
0 – 5                                         Ken Patrick                                Ken Patrick
5 – 10                                       Ed Zevely                                   Ed Zevely
20 – 50                                     John Coulombe                          John Coulombe
50 – 100                                   Henry Tileston                           Henry Tileston
100 – 200                                 Dorothea Williams                     Dorothea Williams
200 – 300                                 Dan Higgins                              Dan Higgins
300 – 500                                 Rick Sontag                               Rick Sontag
500 – 1000                               Sally Hale                                  Sally Hale
1000 – 1500                             Jeff Rogers                                Art Foeste
1500 – 2500                             Marilyn Kalabsa                         Tom Nolan
2500 – 3500                             Marilyn Florin                            Marilyn Florin
3500 – 5000                             Bernard Figueiredo                    Bernard Figueiredo
5000 – 7500                             Alex Fowlie                               Alex Fowlie
Over 10,000                             Tim Flaherty                              Tim Flaherty


Lunch is included, table fees are $9.00, games start at 12:30pm

Address: 1105 La Bonita Dr., at Lake San Marcos, San Marcos, Ca. 



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November 18 at Lake San Marcos Pavilion (Annual Toy Drive/Fundraiser/Potluck for Interfaith Escondido)
December 10 (Sunday) at Lake San Marcos Pavilion (Annual Holiday Luncheon and Game) 

*We are only able to book our space 90 days in advance. As dates are confirmed they will be posted.
Results will be posted here and on the results page as they become available.


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